I have no clue why Evelyn is even wasting her time!  SMH. In the beginning of November we shared a story of Evelyn responding to a tweet about one of Chad Johnson’s alleged groupies and even Chad’s mom get into the twitter war or words.

This time apparently a lady names Jessica kept tweeting Evelyn and Ev was tired of it, soooo Evelyn tweeted a message to all of her followers saying “Let’s make Jessica famous since she wants to tweet me all day!  You smashed the homie now what?!” and she attached a pic of the two along with a little insult #bigheadedself  …ouch.

Shit got kinda crazy.   They may be divorced, but the drama is far from over.
Check out all the tweets including Evelyn’s Tweets,  Jessica tweeting Chad in his boxers, Jessica in what seems to be her rocking Chad’s kicks to prove she’s been with him &  a few pics of Jessica herself…


*Tweets above in gallery*


Source: HelloBeautiful