Ok you scored yourself a new Nintendo Wii U and your ready to plug and play.  Then you get the bad news that you have to download some firmware.  No biggie right, until you notice that the firmware is 5 gb.  Nintendo come on aint nobody got time for that. Word is the firmware update is a must, so be patient download and let us know what you think of your new Wii.

Yungjohnnybravo  x TatWZA

As reported by Kotaku’s Owen Good, a number of new Wii U owners are taking to Twitter to complain about the lengthy download times built into the mandatory firmware update – anywhere from one to four hours, Good suggests, which can be a bit of a buzzkill for those looking to tap into everything their Wii U has to offer.
Worse, gamers who don’t heed Nintendo’s warnings (or their general common sense) about turning off the power to their Wii U consoles before the firmware update finishes are in for a bit of pain. In other words, don’t be like the Los Angeles Times’ Ben Fritz: When he pulled the plug on his Wii U mid-download, the act of impatience bricked his system.