Getting sick and tired of your cell service cutting out on the Subway? Say no more. Transit Wireless is the company responsible for getting you signal way down underground. After Hurricane Sandy, the importance of communication in a crisis is crucial. At&t & T-Mobile have already announced they’re on board.

Tat Wza

As the company responsible for providing the shared wireless infrastructure that enables telecommunications services for MTA riders, Transit Wireless has plans to provide service to all underground subway stations in the city. The company is a neutral host of wireless services and welcomes all wireless carriers to sign on to provide connectivity to the 1.6 billion annual patrons of the subway system.

“T-Mobile customers riding the New York City subway want access to the same great wireless experience on their commutes that they can get everywhere else,” said Tom Ellefson, Vice President, Engineering, Technology, T-Mobile USA. “T-Mobile is pleased to be part of this initiative, which allows all subway riders to stay connected with those important to them.”

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