It looks like the acting bug runs in this family! Jimmy Workman is best known for his role as Pugsley in the Addams Family movies from the early 90’s, though we haven’t seen much from him since. However, his little sister is now quite a star, and actually making a lot of headlines lately…though it’s for all the wrong reasons. Find out who she is below!

Marisa Mendez

Ariel Winter from Modern Family! As you know, she’s currently in a brutal war with her mother, hoping to become estranged and have her older sister take custody (as Ariel’s only 14). Now her brother Jimmy Workman has filed a declaration in the matter, siding with their mother. Here’s what TMZ saw in his filing:

He “NEVER” saw any physical or emotional abuse by his mother against Ariel. He concedes he saw “normal mother and daughter arguments and banter back and forth but nothing more.”

Jimmy says the conflicts worsened when Ariel allegedly refused to break up with her boyfriend. And then Jimmy says, “My position is not to take sides with anyone, but to get this family back to where it belongs.” But the next sentence — “I as well believe that Shanelle Gray is not the right person to have custody of my younger sister Ariel.”

He’s definitely not the first to say Shanelle is the last person Ariel should be living with. I hope this all gets straightened out soon!