After posting this disrespectful picture on Facebook during a work trip, Lindsey Stone is on unpaid leave from her job… For the whole story read below..

What do you think about this picture? Do you think she should be fired?

Tat Wza X

Normally I don’t think people should be restricted when posting photo’s on their Social Media, But This is Not Clean, Although losing her Job would be extreme in these times…..Well about as unClean as flipping off a dead soldier that died defending this country 0_0 (That’s the Pic above)

A Massachusetts woman who posted a Facebook photo of her disrespecting a soldier’s grave sparked uproar on the Internet and could lose her job.
During a work trip to Arlington National Cemetery, Lindsey Stone, of Plymouth, squatted next to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, sticking up her middle finger and pretending to scream next to a sign that asked for “Silence & Respect.”
The photo went viral after she posted it on Facebook, prompting outcry from veterans and a response from her employer, the Cape Cod-based nonprofit, LIFE, where Stone helped adults with disabilities.
“We became aware that one of our employees had posted an offensive, inappropriate photograph on her personal Facebook page,” LIFE wrote Tuesday on its Facebook page.
“This photograph in no way reflects the opinions or values of the LIFE organization, which holds our nation’s veterans in the highest regard.”
Stone, 30, and another employee who took the photo have been placed on unpaid leave “pending the results of an internal investigation,” the company said.
A Facebook group, “Fire Lindsey Stone,” calls for LIFE to let her go permanently.
Stone has since removed her Facebook page.

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