It is always a hard decision when it comes to deciding on weather you should pull the plug of a loved one, but Korean beliefs demand you allow a person to die naturally and never pull the plug. However, Grace Lee, Manhattan bank manager who is terminally ill with brain cancer, gave up and told nurses she wanted to die. But her parents got her to change her mind, which was the best thing they could have done.. because now she will be home from Thanksgiving!.. For the whole story click below!

“ Left paralyzed and unable to breathe on her own by an inoperable brain tumor, the 28-year-old Lee made headlines when she declared “I want to die” over the objections of her religious Korean immigrant parents.

Her dad, who believes ending life support is suicide and a sin, asked the Nassau County Supreme Court in September to make him her guardian, saying Lee was not in her right mind when she asked to die. But a state appellate panel ruled in October that Lee’s parents could not stop North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, L.I., from removing her life support.

Then Lee had a change of heart and decided to “make peace” with her parents and retain the tubes keeping her alive. A family friend said Lee’s parents believe their prayers have been answered because their daughter has already defied the odds by living longer that the hospital predicted. They have renewed their search for a doctor who could treat the tumor and are happy to have Lee home for Thanksgiving, the friend said.

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