In September, Former Baylor basketball player Richard Khamir Hurd, Griffin’s fiancée’s ex-boyfriend plead guilty to trying to extort $1 million from Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III by threatening to expose damaging information.

RG3 spoke about the case yesterday.  Check out what he had to say…


Griffin called the case both “sad” and “unfortunate” in a Tuesday conference call with reporters at the Cowboys facility.

“Whenever you have situations like that, you come into a lot of money, anything like that, people are going to try to bring you down, try to tarnish your image and things of that nature,” Griffin said. “It was unfortunate… I know who he is. He’s my fiancée’s ex-boyfriend. People do things like that when they’re angry at you, or for whatever reason it is. To me, it’s just extremely unfortunate and you just got to move on from it. That’s what I’ve done, I’ve moved on from it. It’s not anything that I’m afraid of. It’s just sad.”


Richard Khamir Hurd faces two to three years in prison when he’s sentenced (today) Nov. 21st.


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