And the Jets circus continues. SMH.  If it wasn’t for all this nonsense the Jets wouldn’t even be talked about.  Wait, what’s that saying?  There is no such thing as bad publicity.  Ohhhh, ok … got it.

So remember the whole wack Tim Tebow ANONYMOUS teammate talking trash mess?  Well now Tim Tebow received a bouquet of balloons from and anonymous fan.  I’m pretty sure this didn’t make Tim feel any better about the situation.


via DS:

A photo of the balloons sent to Tim Tebow, c/o the Jets training facility. Life can get you down when you’re not feeling appreciated at the office, and your co-workers are talking about you behind your back. Here’s hoping this is the pick-me-up Tebow needs to become his old, sunny self again.

Tebow said the bouquet, sent by an anonymous fan, was “nice,” and that it’s not the first time he’s gotten one.

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