French Montana & Soulja Boy

This doesn’t seem like the best of situations, but it’s likely just a mishap and neither one is really “fronting.” Last night, Soulja Boy posted a picture of some pretty dope chains and jewelery pieces on his Instagram with the caption, “I wanna go to the mountain.” (Whatever that means…) Then earlier today, French Montana posted the same picture with a different filter and with the caption “Hannnnn” (something he often says on records.) It’s a little iffy considering that French’s wasn’t a “repost” or anything, but seemingly like he’s trying to portray that he owns it. So, who’s fronting? It’s possible that a jeweler sent the both of them the photo, showing them what he has that’s able to be bought. They might both be contemplating the purchases, and kind of just wanted to tease their Instagram audience, showing what kind of things they can even consider buying…when most of us couldn’t even afford one piece. They both have plenty of money, so they have no reason to really front. Check out the posts in the gallery and let us know your thoughts.