Imagine getting ready to get on the train and being greeted by recliners and big screen TV’s! The Las Vegas Railway Express is closer to a deal where they could have subway that doubles as a nightclub complete with lounges, TV’s, and recliners. This would be the coolest form of public transportation ever, an underground party that actually takes you all around the sin city. Hit the Jump for more.

After striking an agreement with Union Pacific Railroad last week, the Las Vegas Railway Express is one step closer to bringing to life the X Train, a luxurious “party train” complete with big screen TVs, recliners and two ultra lounges.

“The whole idea is when you get on a train, you feel like you’re in Las Vegas,” said Michael Barron, president and CEO of the $100 million venture that hopes to launch its maiden voyage on New Year’s Eve 2013. “It’s essentially a nightclub on wheels.”

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