Marky Mark Wahlberg has been producing hits on TV for years now, with the success of the hit Entourage, and How To Make It In America HBO series, I expect big things from his new show about the legalization of marijuana. The main show focuses on a corporate attorney who quits his job and joins the “legalize it” campaign in California as a result of a nervous breakdown. The show will bring to light the aspirations of these “legalize it” campaigners as the main character becomes an unexpected vocal leader for the group. For those of you who don’t know Marijuana is legalized for medicinal purposes in the state of California, but these people are campaigning for the recreational use of marijuana to also be legalized in the state that’s number one crop is Marijuana, I think this show will revolutionize the way people look at recreational marijuana and the incredible diversity of the people that enjoy it. Hit the jump for more.

The team behind Entourage and How to Make It In America is working on a comedy about the marijuana legalization movement, according to

Mark Wahlberg has worked with his usual producing partners, Rob Weiss and Steve Levinson, on the project called Happy Tree for Fox.As Colorado and Washington passed a law to legalize marijuana for recreational use in November, this campaign will serve as the backdrop for this project.

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