The mother of a police officer who was arrested after plotting to rape, murder, and eat over 100 women was unfoiled is speaking out saying that he son is not a monster. Gilberto Valle was on the force for six years previous to being arrested after his wife found some creepy IMs and emails detailing Valle’s plans to eat women. Valle even bragged about having girl meat for Thanksgiving to people. Elizabeth Valle issued a statement saying that her family is doing OK and they would make it through this difficult time and she has faith that the trial will show what he son really is. Read more below.

Julie A.

Elizabeth Valle really believes that he son could not have done what he has been accused of saying,

“My son is not what they are saying he is. He’s made out to be a monster. My son is not a monster. It is a difficult time but we’re holding up OK. It gives me great strength knowing that when the truth comes out my son will be OK. My son will be fine. That’s all I can say right now.”

Valle was just in court on Tuesday for his third bail hearing that didn’t go well. Thankfully his wife caught the emails before he could actually harm anyone.