The future seemed so bright for the New York Jets, they acquired super star quarterback Tim Tebow from the Broncos for next to nothing and it appeared he’d sprinkle his magic on their offense.  They opened the season with a dominating 48-28 win over the Buffalo Bills and momentarily dispelled naysayers.  However it was just one game, their offense was not rejuvenated and the season has gone downhill ever since.  Read more after the jump.

Shay Marie

Aside from diehard Jets fans, the rest of us tune like we would for a Kevin Hart special.  We wait for the comedy wondering when and how many interceptions Mark Sanchez will throw, if coach Rex Ryan will ever free Tebow from the restraints of the oak bench that’s kept him company for much of the season or if the defense will continue to get burnt like a bad thanksgiving dinner, and each time we tune in we get our wish.

Last night as the Patriots scored three touchdowns in 52 seconds amidst the struggle faces of Jets fans in tiny pilgrim hats, all I could think to myself was, is this real?

Quarterback Mark Sanchez ran into the behind of his own lineman like a brick wall and as he fell to the ground he lost possession starting a sequence that wouldn’t even happen with Madden set to rookie.  The look of confusion and bewilderment on his face as well as what ensued pretty much summarized the Jets season in a nutshell.  The Patriots continued to pounce on them evoking chants and hash tags of #FreeTebow.

So as the Jets take a 49-19 beating and fall to 4-7, Rex Ryan says he’s still sticking with his quarterback. “I think Mark gives us the best chance to win right now, I really do. I believe he does”, said Ryan.  Tebow is currently suffering from two fractured ribs not that a healthy Tim would be given the starting spot anyway.  Sanchez has continued to turn the ball over numerous times and whilst teams continue to beat on the Jets, Ryan still wouldn’t put Tebow in.  For clarification this is not a Tebow endorsement.  To be honest with you he isn’t a good quarterback either.  Explaining why will take whole other article but for arguments sake… Tebow had a 46.5% completion rate, his mechanics are off, and he continuously overthrew or under threw his receivers while with the Denver Broncos.  His late game heroics, agility and speed seemed to mask that in some people’s eyes.  Tebow is not the Jets savior but at this point it’s ludicrous for them to not even try him out.  His acquisition was the main attraction in what can only be described as the Jets circus with Rex Ryan as the ringleader.

I won’t completely beat on the Jets, the loss of star cornerback Darrelle Revis and top wide receiver Santonio Holmes was definitely a huge blow to the team.  The problem is they haven’t done anything to fix their offensive woes or holes in their run defense.  This season is pretty much irreparable as the Jets sit on the bottom of the AFC East but questions remain, what will happen next season?  Some pink slips may be on the way.