Everyone I know watched TV Show “Dallas”, and the Biggest character in that show was ‘J.R. Ewing’, and Larry Made that Character!!! He also was On another Legendary show that was in Non Stop reruns when I was a Kid and can still be caught on TV, “I Dream Of Jeannie” as Maj. Tony Nelson. Although we will miss him in Life, He will always be remembered when we see him on that TV Screen!!!

Tat Wza

Larry Died from ‘Complication from Cancer’, He passed friday night in Dallas Texas. 81 years old, Mr. Hagman had an Iconic career, Showing his acting greatness by playing The Super Nice Maj. Nelson, and the Super Evil J.R. Ewing, Homie could Act!!!
TNT Recently brought back Dallas, but Didn’t seem as successful as the original, But Hagman had a role on the New show as J.R. Ewing, trying to school the New generation.

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