How many times do you go to a sporting event where there are plenty of empty seats closer than yours? Nothing is more frustrating. This ends up being a lose-lose; your stuck far away and the stadium eats lost revenue. Pogoseat is changing all that! Making those tickets affordably available for a way cheaper upgrade cost.

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Unfortunately as of right now, only 1 professional team is using this app, But it’s a team that most like has a lot of empty seats, so they should prove the app successful

“Pogoseat has built an upgrade-pricing algorithm that’s based on the difference in face value between a fan’s original ticket and his new Pogoseat, and any discounts applied to the new seat by the team based on the amount of time remaining in the game, score and other variables,” says Cuskelly. “However, teams control pricing and some teams may opt to charge a flat rate for an upgrade.”

The Golden State Warriors are the first team to adopt Pogoseat, and in doing so, provide a good case study of how the app actually works.

The Warriors take quality of opponent into account when setting upgrade prices. For example, in the second quarter of last week’s Warriors-Cavaliers game, two fans used Pogoseat to upgrade their seats from the upper bowl to the lower bowl for $12 apiece.

Worrior fans Get App here for both iOS and Android!!!

And for the full story, got to: ESPN