Karl Karlson was arrested in connection with the killing of his son Levi Karlson. It was reported as an accident, Karlson told authorities that he discovered his son crushed underneath his own pickup truck. Detectives got suspicious when they noticed an insurance policy opened up for Levi, Karl Karlson was listed as the only benefactor even though Levi had two daughters. The detectives on the scene agree that it did not seem to be an accident, and suspicion about this case has caused authorities to re-open the case of his deceased ex wife who died in a house fire on New Years Eve in 1991. Hit the jump for more.

The original story, which investigators believed, was that Karlsen returned from a family event and discovered Levi pinned motionless, according to the Associated Press. He told his wife to call 911 while he made vain efforts to rescue him.
Investigators took a second look at the case after learning in March that Karlsen was the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy for his son. It raised suspicions because Levi has two daughters.
Evidence at the crime scene in Romulus didn’t paint the picture of an accident either, according to police who told CNYcentral.com that they determined the truck didn’t fall from the jack. They now believe that Karlsen deliberately dropped the pickup on top of his son before leaving the house to attend the event.
Karlsen was held on second-degree murder charges. Joint effort of several local and state law enforcement agencies led to the arrest.

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