Fisker Automotive has hired ousted General Motors’ global marketing boss Joel Ewanick to be interim chief of global sales and marketing for the maker of luxury plug-in hybrids. Click below to find out more.

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Ewanick, 52, will replace industry veteran Richard Beattie, 58, who announced his retirement today, Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher said.

Ewanick has been working with Fisker as a marketing consultant for at least six weeks and will fill Beattie’s role until a full-time replacement is named, Ormisher said. Beattie — formerly of Ford, Mazda and Jaguar — was hired by Fisker as its chief commercial officer last December.

Ormisher declined to comment when asked if Ewanick would be a candidate to become Beattie’s full-time replacement.

Ewanick was fired from GM in July over the handling of a controversial sponsorship deal with English soccer club Manchester United.

In joining Fisker, Ewanick will be reunited with Tony Posawatz, the former Chevrolet Volt chief engineer who left GM in July and then became Fisker’s CEO in August