It’s been  a whole week and the numbers are out on how many units Nintendo moved during it’s first week.  I thought Nintendo would have moved more units, they moved almost the same number of units as the original Wii.

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Today, Nintendo confirmed in an interview with CNET that sales for all of its hardware have been brisk during the busy holiday week.
In addition to selling 400,000 Wii U units, Nintendo sold 300,000 original Wii consoles, 250,000 3DS portable gaming devices, and 275,000 of the older DS devices. In all, Nintendo sold 1.2 million devices, driven by the new hardware and heavy discounts on older devices.
So far, consumers have been undeterred by reports that the Wii U was missing some key features at launch, and that a mandatory software patch would take more than an hour for customers to download.
Nintendo is selling two variations of its console, ranging from $300 to $350, depending on the features.