The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is set to release December 14th along with a new technology called HFR 3D [High Frame Rate 3D] The slightly choppy appearence often seen in 3D visuals will be eliminated with the use of this tech making transitions smoother. While this will enhance the picture, this isn’t to say it will be well accepted by its viewers. Viewing in your area? Hit the jump, Let us know…

Tat Wza

Some audiences who’ve seen preview footage of the movie in HFR 3D aren’t happy. They claim that the higher frame rate is “too real,” in the sense that it resembles home video or a sports broadcast. As 3D Focus reports, even director Peter Jackson had said that the format takes some getting used to.

Many of the early complaints come from a 10-minute preview shown to audiences atCinemacon last April. A reporter from one site claimed that the footage has “that soap opera look you get from badly calibrated TVs at Best Buy.” The Los Angeles Timesquoted one projectionist who said the format “looked like a made-for-TV movie.”

WRITTEN by Jared Newman