Another Analyst is jumping on the RIM comeback train.  Maybe they know something we don’t but for RIM to comeback they need more than a remarkable device to impress the masses.  And thats something RIM hasn’t done in while. And For An

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“With a January 30 BB10 launch date locked in, along with carrier and developer feedback now more clear, an upgrade of the existing subscriber base will be the most likely outcome,” he writes in a research note. “Even in the face of lower services ARPU, RIM looks materially undervalued.”

Coupland notes that details on BlackBerry 10 are leaking from both carriers and developers. “True multi-tasking with messaging and apps, one thumb navigation, swipe to type keyboard, improved speedy browser, competitive hardware, and 100,000 BB10 applications available on launch day are all encouraging,” he writes, and “should re-ignite Blackberry fan support.”