Apple is looking to conquer other markets with a cheaper iPhone. Why well not everyone wants to attach themselves to long term contracts. And companies like Boost Mobile, Metro PC and Virgin are doing well.  And Apple wants a piece, so word is in 2014 they are willing to sell unsubsidized for cheaper than you think. Find out how much after the break.

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Here’s another one: A $200, unsubsidized iPhone, coming in 2014.

In the U.S., if you buy a new iPhone 5 it costs $200 because the carrier is footing the majority of the bill for you. You pay $200, but Apple collects ~$600. That carrier covers that $400 gap, and hopes to make the money on your data charges.

That system doesn’t work in places like India and China. And that’s why Apple’s market share is tiny in those countries.

If it doesn’t want to lose access to the next three billion smartphone buyers, it needs to solve this problem.