Ok To be honest, I normally SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTED on Deadberrys, Brickberrys, Ok Ok Ok, Blackberrys, But this Camera feature is Pretty Awesome, and we recently posted some Leaked pics of the Blackberry 10 that surprisingly enough, you guys checked out, So now I wonder…..Can RIM Make a come back???

Tat Wza

Even With the Perfect Moment, I don’t think RIM can move a mass of 10’s, I even Bet Dj Wallah that they wouldn’t do 1 Million in 24 hours….But tell what you think!!!!!

Would This Camera Feature Make You Want A Blackberry 10???
FOH I Will Never Have A Blackberry Ever Again!!!

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