It’s easy to say just about anything about the Wizards these days.  0-12?  Ouch.

Well, Brooklyn Nets’ Andray Blatche took a shot at his former team, saying they should have had his back more.


“If my brother, my mom or my uncle was hurt or needed help, I would give them my last to make sure they’re better, or I would have their back,” he said on Washington, D.C.’s 106.7 FM. “I can’t remember not once did anybody (with the Wizards) say, ‘Give him a break or let’s try to pick him up or anything.’

“They were basically like just saying, ‘OK, when the booing started, well OK, let’s use that as an excuse,’ and then things just got worse and worse. Nobody ever once tried to help me, try to encourage me. If we’re family, then act like it.”

The 2011-12 season proved especially difficult for Blatche, who was released via the amnesty clause after seven years with the team. Getting ready to face the Knicks with his new team on Monday, he displayed his frustration by asking: “Anybody seen how the Wizards are doing?

Blatche told the radio station that when he was dealing with a strained left calf, the Wizards told him to play through it. He said general manager Ernie Grunfeld “didn’t have my back,” but he praised owner Ted Leonsis, saying: “He’s about winning. He’s a first-class guy, and I have nothing against him.”

Blatche did admit that he was out of shape entering the shortened season. He believed the lockout would wipe out all of the games and didn’t prepare well enough.

“I could’ve done a lot more pool workouts, just to take stress off my legs,” he said.

As for several off-the-court issues that tarnished his reputation in Washington, Blatche defended most of them.


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