Seriously?  We’re being this petty?  Isn’t all the Reggie and Kim drama done…aren’t they BOTH in a happy place with other people?  So why is there still drama?  I understand, she’s being a loyal sister but if everyone is good, shouldn’t they be past all this nonsense?!

Apparently Kourtney and Scott were dining at the same place Reggie and his pregnant girlfriend were at and Kourt was not happy about the situation.  Check out what happened…



Kourtney Kardashian was not amused to find her sister Kim’s ex Reggie Bush and his pregnant new girlfriend Lilit Avagyan sitting at her favorite table at Miami restaurant Makoto. Bush was dining quietly with Avagyan on Friday night when witnesses said Kourtney, her baby daddy Scott Disick and sonMason arrived shortly afterward. When the reality-TV duo asked to be seated at their regular table, they were told it was already occupied by Bush. According to a fellow diner, a sour-faced Kourtney sniffed, “I am not sitting near him.” The hostess quickly ushered them to a table at the other side of the restaurant, out of sight of Miami Dolphins star Bush.