Remember John Bolaris, who lost his job as weather anchor for Fox affiliate WTXF in Philadelphia last year, after it came out that he was drugged and robbed by women in Miami? Well last night his fiance Erica Smitheman, of only a few weeks took over his twitter account posting sexy playboy pictures of her while he was drunk?

Check out the pictures of Erica, what she wrote on his twitter and what he wrote the next day in response…below the jump.


Erica Smithemen Playboy Picture

Erica Smithemen Playboy Picture

“Obviously my fiance had a little party on Twitter last night, she has been by my side through everything, I love her,Hmm interesting tweets),” he wrote.
“U have no idea, she’s a great woman kind soul&takes care of her ailing mom,” he wrote to one follower, telling another that Smitheman is now “under house arrest.”
To the disappointment of many of his fans, Smitheman didn’t ultimately follow through on the naked pictures – and Bolaris said none would be forthcoming.
“No nude pix,” he told a follower. “Playbody days are just memories.”
Having already weathered his share of public storms, Bolaris doesn’t seem interested in hiding anything, leaving all the tweets Smitheman posted visible on his account.
He seems to be taking his own words to heart, after launching an advice column earlier this month for Metro, in which he told readers, “Let the truth set you free.”
“I am trying to have some dignity,” he told last week.

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