Within these boroughs of ours we are a very strong opinionated people set in our ways. We love excitement, going out on the town, living to the fullest and sharing it with the world. NFT City Guides is not only a great guide for local venues and bars accompanied by ratings and reviews, but they know what works. They’ve put together a must-have App list for New Yorkers. Jump for download and info

Tat Wza

Not For Tourists is the ultimate guide for the savvy city-dweller. From our little black guidebooks to handy iPhone Apps, NFT will help you navigate and explore the city like a local. App is pricey but the website is very user-friendly & Free!

NFT City Guides

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Notfortourists’s Picks

  1. NYC Subway 24-Hour KickMap
    NYC Subway 24-Hour KickMap Navigating the NY subway system has never been easier with this beautifully designed app. Great
  2. Time Out New York
    Time Out New York Need something fun to do right now? This app the shows you the coolest events closest to your location.
  3. Central Park NYC Lite for iPod/iPhone
    Central Park NYC Lite for iPod/iPhone Find a bathroom, read about the history, and never get lost in this 843 acre paradise.
  4. 3D Cities
    3D Cities Explore every building in Manhattan with this cool 3D map.
  5. NYArtBeat
    NYArtBeat Keep up on all the latest events and happenings from the
  6. MenuPages
    MenuPages Hungry? Browse thousands of menus to New York restaurants.
  7. Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map
    Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map This brilliant app saves you valuable time by telling where to stand to make your next connection.
  8. Free Booze (Open Bars / Free Beer) by My Open Bar
    Free Booze (Open Bars / Free Beer) by My Open Bar Thirsty and low on money? New Yorkers use this to find free drinks every night of the week.
  9. HopStop Transit Directions for iPhone
    HopStop Transit Directions for iPhone Get precise directions from any location in New York by bus, subway, or walking.
  10. NFT Guides, All Cities
    NFT Guides, All Cities We’re a little biased on this one, but this helps you explore NYC like a local.