Blackberry hasn’t struggled for no reason. Whenever it comes to their decision making, they seem to shoot for a completely eratic idea. When they originally released Blackberry App World the payment options weren’t the easiest to manage. PayPal or entering your raw CC info forced you to go through a whole process just to make a 99cent app purchase. Making the payment process easier will attract a ton of new users. Hit the jump for details

Tat Wza

Waterloo, ON – November 26, 2012 – Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced that more than 50 carriers have now implemented integrated carrier billing on the BlackBerry App Worldstorefront for their customers. The announcement marks a great milestone for RIM, and a big benefit for carriers, developers, content providers, and customers.

Integrated carrier billing enables a customer to purchase apps or digital goods on their BlackBerry smartphone, and simply and conveniently have the purchases put directly on their regular monthly bill from their carrier. Integrated carrier billing is also integrated with the BlackBerry Payment Service, which enables developers and content providers to offer in-app purchases (such as additional levels in a game), as well as supporting one-off and recurring (subscription-based) purchases, without interrupting the customer’s app experience.

Carrier billing services have proven to drive significant value for the whole mobile ecosystem, including carriers, developers, content providers, and customers. Aggregated data indicates that customers’ propensity to purchase apps on BlackBerry App World increases when carrier billing is offered, with an average of 75% of gross sales transacted through the carrier and average carrier revenues derived from apps increased between 100%-300% after launch.