NFC [Near Field Communication] chips are finding thousands of new and effective uses by the day. The technology is being used by companies more and more as phones are developed. Wanting the latest and greatest technology, Users are itching to test the new tech out in the real world. MOO, a printing company who specializes in biz cards, has developed the first wide-distributed programable NFC business card. Check it out after the jump…

Tat Wza

The NFC chip can be rewritten over and over allowing them to be timeless, and remain controlled by the original writer even after distributed. MOO is in works of releasing a multi-platform phone application which will allow the customization of the information on the chip. When touched together, you can control how the phone reacts. Pull up your company webpage, add a contact to address book or maybe even both. It seems the possibilities will be endless. MOO link below.


“A what??” you say? In short, an NFC enabled Business Card is a regular Business Card, with a tiny microchip and antenna embedded inside the paper that can transmit data from itself to a mobile phone which is also NFC ready, when they are tapped together.