Being bullied by the bigger kids is never fun. No one likes being teased or left out… unless you choose to? COO of T-Mobile, Jim Alling made it very clear they are only interested in iPhone if the price is right. Not only do they have the smallest infrastructure compared to their competitors [At&t, Sprint, Verizon] but they just reported half a million contract customers lost in Q3 alone. Doesn’t look like they can afford to play hard ball with anyone.

Tat Wza

T-Mobile USA has lost customers because it does not carry Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone, but the company is not willing to make major sacrifices to add the device to its portfolio, said a T-Mobile executive.

“Make no mistake about it: We would love to carry the iPhone. However, we want the economies to be right for us,” said Jim Alling, COO of T-Mobile USA. He made his comments during a wide-ranging discussion that featured executives from T-Mobile and MetroPCS (NYSE:PCS) during the Morgan Stanley 12th Annual Technology, Media & Telecoms Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

It appears T-Mobile and the operator it expects to merge with early next year, MetroPCS, are on the same page when it comes to the iPhone. Alling’s comments about the iPhone echoed similar ones made about the device by MetroPCS COO Tom Keys in August, when he told our sister publication FierceWireless, “It would be harmful to MetroPCS to have to cut out part of our handset portfolio to accommodate one phone from one provider that the economics could be at risk.”

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