YMCMB's Mack Maine vs GBE's Tadoe

…..I highly doubt it. However, rumors are circulating that Tadoe, a member of Chief Keef’s delinquent crew GBE rap clique, fought YMCMB President Mack Maine outside of a Miami club. Funny thing is, the “rumors” are fueled by Tadoe himself…and there’s not one video out that backs up his claims. As Mack Maine says, “In a land where nothing is a secret and camera phones tape everything you clowns still believe anything u don’t see??” Couldn’t have put it better! Check out their respective tweets in the attached gallery. For now, I’m going to classify the fighting rumor as FALSE…though I highly doubt a GBE/YMCMB collab will be happening any time soon!

Marisa Mendez