Some stories you find online are so ridiculous you feel like you have to share it with other. Of course this is is one of those stories. A woman assaulted her girlfriend with an ironing board because she couldn’t find her sex toy. Click below to find out more.
WiL Major

A Thanksgiving Day argument over a misplaced sex toy escalated into the ironing board assault of a South Carolina woman by her girlfriend, cops report. According to a police report, officers Thursday afternoon went to the Rock Hill apartment shared by Arteesha Donaldson, 24, and Latoya Hudson, 28, in response to a domestic dispute report. Hudson told cops that Donaldson “began looking for her detachable latex penis” and became upset at her when she could not find the item. “Hudson states the two argued for several minutes, when Donaldson threw an ironing board at Hudson,” police reported. At that point, Donaldson’s brother allegedly joined the fray, which left Hudson with a sore head (though she declined medical attention). While Donaldson, pictured above, admitted engaging in “mutual combat” with her girlfriend, she denied throwing the ironing board at Hudson and said her brother only tried to break up the fight. Donaldson, who had an active warrant in a neighboring county, was arrested for misdemeanor assault and battery.