G-mail has become one of the most popular webmail applications used today. From its ease of use to its clean user interface, very appealing webmail service. Not the same with all; It has long been an issue for Hotmail users to sync their e-mail with mobile devices. Wether it be contact or calendar sync, there was always something causing problems. No longer an issue, Microsoft has released Outlook.com for Android, and it’s Free! Jump for download

Tat Wza

It’s all part of Microsoft’s effort to match Google’s cloud efforts, which are centered around the Gmail email service. Microsoft said its research shows that one-third of Outlook.com users are Gmail users trying Outlook.com for the first time.

Redmond went so far as to hire a research firm to recruit hundreds of Gmail users into trying Outlook.com. The company claimed 80% of the test subjects said they would switch to Outlook.com permanently. Reasons cited included what users said was Outlook.com’s cleaner interface, superiority when it comes to blocking spam and other unwanted messages, and easer sharing of photos, documents and other content.

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