The Rockets are taking on the Thunder in OKC tonight — the first match-up between the two since James Harden was traded.  Will it be awkward?!  Check out what Russell Westbrook, Scott Brooks & Kevin Martin had to say about it…



On his quote about it being personal with the Rockets: “That was the truth many years ago though. But I wasn’t really good enough to be like, ‘Oh, I’m really going to go at ‘em next time we play ‘em.’”

On Harden’s perspective: “When you come back and play a team where you’ve been traded from, there’s obviously more emotions there.”


On sharing the ball “We know we’re a special team when we’re sharing the ball. That’s one thing coach has been talking about the last couple weeks. Just keep sharing the ball, keep trusting each other an that’s what we’ve been doing lately.”

On if it’s a little more personal with Harden tomorrow: “I’ve been in the league nine years. I’ve have nothing personal with anything. It’s for everybody else to make whatever they want to make out of it.”


On what he’s been doing different the past few weeks: “Nothing. I mean I’ve been taking the same amount of shots. Just been making ‘em.”

On defending Harden: “I mean, I don’t know what it’s like. Because we ain’t played yet. But it’s different. He has a green light over there, he plays freely. He’s able to basically do whatever he wants. But we just have to do a good job of team defense and we’ll be alright.”

On how much he’s talked to Harden: “None really. Not much.”



SOURCE: Daily Thunder
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