The Eagles have been taking a lot of L’s lately, maybe this can help Vick stay safe &  make a nice comeback?!

Michael Vick was sized last night for a protective skull cap that he plans to wear under his helmet (photo in gallery) to safeguard against suffering another concussion.


At the urging of neurologist Dr. Dimi Barot, Vick met at his home with Unequal Technology Corporation CEO Rob Vito to be measured for the new “dome” device made of the company’s Concussion Reduction Technology.


Vick had Unequal retro-fit his helmet with similar padding upon returning from a concussion in September 2011. The same company designed protective Kevlar devices that enabled Vick and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to play with serious rib injuries in recent seasons.


Eagles coach Andy Reid said Vick is close to being medically cleared after missing two games with a concussion. Vick is scheduled to be tested Wednesday to determine whether he can practice, Reid said.


If Vick is cleared, Reid must decide whether to start Vick or rookie Nick Foles against the Cowboys. The Eagles have lost seven straight games, creating doubt about the futures of both Reid and Vick.


Vick has not played since suffering a concussion three weeks ago when he was hit by Dallas linebacker Ernie Sims.