iRant is a new mobile app that combines several social media and video sharing sites all on one app. Users will be able to get video and share the video on multiple social media. Think Viddy meets instagram.

Yungjohnnbravo x TatWZA

Special Features:
-Rant a customized video to your friends, family, business network or to the world and see the power of video as people respond to you using our “Rant Back” feature.

-The “Rant back” feature enables you to comment via video rather than just typing a comment on over 100 different categories.

-Rant a “Happy Birthday” video for a friend or family member and watch the Rant Back responses come flying in!!!

-Rant your favorite joke, post your funniest blooper or babies first steps to friends and family in real time. Let them see life in motion.

-Rant a job listing video and watch the video resumes Rant Backs come pouring in, stop reading boring resumes, see your possible applicants personality.

-View or post any for sale item with a customized iRant video showcasing your item’s full functionality or advertise and view real estate, travel deals, business listings, auditions, fundraising, resumes and many more such as dating. Imagine being able to see and hear your next perspective date and rant back a video response of yourself showcasing your own personality. Stop browsing boring and airbrushed pictures, view the real thing with iRant video.

-Share your video rant with Facebook, Twitter and Email/Text
-Find and follow friends like on Twitter.
-Request friends like on Facebook.
-Post and view items for sale, employment and real estate listings like on Craig’s List.
-Title and categorize your video rant.
-Video rants stored in the cloud.
-Watch, upload and rant back to a video rant on any smartphone, tablet or computer.
-Upload existing videos from your camera roll.
-Fast video upload.
-Browse, Rant Back, iLike, iComment, iTag and even rate any video rant on iRant.
-Instantly be notified when someone Rants you back, iTags you, iComments you and iLikes you.
-Browse videos of interest and post in over 100 different categories and in iRant’s 10 Premium categories which include: Dating Services , Real Estate ,Fundraising and Charties ,Travel Services ,Resume Posting , Job Posting
Business Advertising For Sale , Entertainment Industry and Auditions, Media Advertising on iRant.
-Private Rant Backs in all Premium categories.

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