So Apple decided to fire it’s Maps app manager, Richard Williamson. Whose to blame Williamson, for not delivering a superior maps  app that would  compete against Google’s. Or Apple for jumping the gun and dropping Google maps before testing their own maps with the public. I’m going with Apple, Apple could have put out a  beta version out and see what the public thought and then worked on the app. After all they had one more year with Google, now Apple is playing catch up.

Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA


Now, Apple has fired Richard Williamson, the manager who oversaw the mapping team, Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the move. While Apple’s penchant for secrecy means the news probably won’t ever get an official announcement, the move is the latest in a shakeup of Apple’s top brass that handed both Maps and the similarly disappointing Siri to newly promoted Senior Vice President Eddy Cue.

Apple launched its proprietary Maps app in September with the release of its latest operating system, iOS 6, for the first time dumping the trusty Google Maps app that had come loaded on every iPhone since the device’s debut in 2007.