Is Apple at the end of its product cycle. One Analysts thinks Apple is starting to fall behind the competition and might not be doing enough to keep up. Paul Sagawa of  Sector & Sovereign Research thinks in 8 weeks the value of  Apple will be dropped off  $187 billion. Thats a big drop off in value, but Sagawa thinks Apple’s time maybe up.  I personally think Apple fan boys will always be Apple fan boys even if they leave for other devices they always go back.

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“Apple is at a crossroads,” Sagawa begins. “After dominating the first decade of the millennium, the revolution that Apple started is shifting against it. The iPhone, with its single annual update and super premium price, has been run down from behind by a pack of rivals with segmented product ranges, 6 month product cycles and aggressive price points. Android phones now outsell Apple 5 to 1, and the iPad is on the same path, exacerbated by rivals willing to subsidize device sales in pursuit of e-commerce and advertising. At the same time, the nexus of the user experience is shifting off of the device and into the cloud, greatly disadvantaging Apple vs. its web-savvy rivals.”