Damn!!!  I step out for a few to decorate the house for Christmas and this happens!!  Shout to Marisa for the tip!

Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo and Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries got into a shoving match that carried into the TD Garden crowd.


Via CBS Sports:

In a Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics game that was already getting kind of chippy, Kris Humphries gave Kevin Garnett and extra push on a personal foul with 26.9 seconds left. Rajon Rondo took exception to the extra push Humphries gave KG and immediately got in his face.

The two started pushing and both teams spilled underneath the basket and into the stands behind the stanchion. Gerald Wallace was given a technical for getting into it with Garnett. It was Wallace’s second technical and he was ejected from the game. Garnett was given a technical and both Humphries and Rondo were ejected from the game.

Humphries actually received a technical for the extra push on KG and then the scuffle with Rondo.

It’s not much of a fight, but the fact that it spilled into the stands like this will not be something the NBA will be happy with. This will likely result in suspensions for both Rondo and Humphries. With the way KG and Wallace tangled before moving on to the pile of players, I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re reprimanded in some way too.

The ejection also ends Rajon Rondo’s streak of consecutive double-digit assist games. His streak ends at 37, just ten games shy of Magic Johnson’s record of 47 straight games.