Last August a Washington man allegedly drank too much which lead him to stabbing his girlfriends pet parrot to death with a fork. Now he is going to spend six months in prison for killing the parrot… What do you think about this? Check out the link below for the whole story.

In a sentencing hearing on Tuesday, a defense lawyer said that Richard J. Atkinson, 63, of Everett, north of Seattle, was blacked out drunk and didn’t remember attacking the bird at the couple’s home in August, the Herald Newspaper reported.
Atkinson mixed whiskey with anti-anxiety medication before stabbing the bird with a serving fork and then trashing his gal’s belongings, his lawyer said.
“He felt horrible,” defense lawyer William Steffener said.
Atkinson pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and domestic violence charges last month.
Superior Court Judge George Appel slammed Atkinson as “depraved” and “barbaric,” and ordered him to undergo psychiatric treatment as well as pay for his girlfriend’s trashed belongings, the newspaper reported.
The bird killer is also barred from coming in contact with any pets for five years.

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