Unless you are a porn star who puts in that work, I suggest when you see Raquel Gonzalez, you walk the other way. Gonzalez is being charged with felony domestic battery in Florida for beating, scratching, punching and all kinds of other things to her boyfriend Esric Davis. Guess why she whooped his a**? Okay, she whooped his a** because he came FIRST. LMAO !!! All jokes aside, they were having sex, he blasted and she didn’t so she felt some type of way. Gonzalez is doing time for it in Manatee County. Lol! Ha! That’s what he gets for being selfish! #TeamWomenComeFirst. Lol. Check out the gallery and drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

The angry lover told officers at the scene that Davis was not the only one with scratches, telling them that Davis had nicked her in a desperate attempt to restrain her.

She refused to say anything further after she was read her Miranda rights, the police report said, describing her as ‘belligerent and uncooperative.’

The police report said that alcohol could have been a factor in the alleged attack.

Daily Mail