China has always been a step or two ahead of us. So it’s only right that they made ANOTHER lightning fast train before we even made one. The Shanghai Magnetic Levitation Train, or Maglev, regularly hits speeds of 430 km/h or 268 mph while traveling, which is clearly not fast enough for the Chinese. The magnetic levitation of the car makes for a very smooth ride; even when passing another train at 300 mph. Hit the jump for more details and video.

Tat Wza

First released in 2003, Maglev can be to the 21st century, what air travel was to the 20th century. For our high pace, fast forward style society this train technology seems like the best suitable travel solution for us over in the states. The already fast Maglev got an update, A prototype capable of outdoing its predecessor named ‘L0’. The L0 will be capable of speeds up to 311 mph.

If you’v­e been to an airport lately, you’ve probably noticed that air travel is becoming more and more congested. Despite frequent delays, airplanes still provide the fastest way to travel hundreds or thousands of miles. Passenger air travel revolutionized the transportation industry in the last century, letting people traverse great distances in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.