This sounds all too familiar. Florida man, Michael Dunn got into a confrontation with Jordan who was 17 years old, because he was in a car with three other friends and his music was loud. Dunn says that he THOUGHT Davis had a shotgun, and the other passengers in the car threatened him. The big questions is, how are they going to enforce the ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ in Florida. A law that allows you to protect yourself when you fell threatened, but this is just an excuse for a guy like Dunn. The family of Davis doesn’t want to make this about Dunn, but who Jordan was and make him the focus for justice. I hope they get it. Justice for Jordan. Drop down bottom for more.

JaaiR (JR)

This case once again brings into question Florida’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground Law,’ which critics have said gives individuals the protection they need to be vigilantes. It is unclear weather or not Dunn’s self-defense claim is justified under this defense. The law itself does not specify what constitutes a person feeling ‘threatened.’
In the wake of the Trayvon Martin killing, Florida Governor Rick Scott, (R) created the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Task Force comprised of government officials, citizens and activists. Earlier this month the findings of the task force revealed that the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law does not need to be revamped or dissolved.

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