Joe Budden vs. Paige from Twitter

“It’s just Twitter,” says everyone…though they know they never mean that. Last night turned out to be an interesting one on the social network, after Joe Budden kicked a young woman out of his concert in the Bay Area after she’d sent a barrage of tweets dissing him before the show and while there. The interesting part is, she never @’d him in her tweets. Meaning…he had to have been searching his name. Or, was she already cool with people in his camp? As you’ll see in the gallery, she was tweeting with one of Joey’s good friends/a guy that’s on tour with him…Ice. So though yes, he does search his name (we knew this already), it’s possible that Ice saw the tweets and alerted Joe. Either way, the topic that’s been debated on Twitter since the incident…was he wrong and “corny” for doing so? I say no. This isn’t bias because that’s my guy, let me make that clear! I look at it like this: she definitely wasn’t a FAN…she made that very clear on Twitter. She didn’t want to be there, and she’s likely going to be one of those people that while others are turnt up, singing along with you…she’ll be sitting there with her arms folded, looking like she had a gun to her head to be there. Liken it to having a house party. It’s YOUR party, right? What if one of your friends brings one of their friends, and that person is on their Twitter, talking crap about you, your house, your party…you’d want them out, wouldn’t you? Granted, Joe is “famous”…but that does that make him exempt from feeling sensitive about his sh*t? That’s HIS sh*t! Famous people are still human, guys! Remember that! Check out the entire story of how it went down via Twitter in the gallery, then take our poll below and let us know if you think Joe was wrong!

Marisa Mendez