Whenever I hear about athletes giving back, I try to share the story.  I know it’s not drama so it won’t get read as much, but I think it’s amazing when athletes do things from the heart.  With that said it leads us to Matt Forte. He had specials gifts for a high school football team from an underprivileged section of Chicago.


From  at Yahoo Sports:

As first reported by Fox Sports Chicago, and followed upon by MaxPreps, Forte’s mentorship of the Chicago (Ill.) Tilden Career School football team carried throughout the 2012 season, beginning with the star running back spending a full day with the Tilden players, following them through classes and eventually attending their practice to work with the players.

Yet, while Forte’s initial foray into mentoring the 16-member Tilden squad was a sponsored act of charity — he appeared on behalf of Duracell’s “Trust Your Power” program — the running back didn’t stop there. Instead, he maintained communication with the coaching staff at Tilden and eventuallyhosted the team for a lunch in downtown Chicago and surprised the entire team by giving them each their own laptops.

“Being from a privileged high school, we had computers and were able to use them,” Forte told Fox. “It’s only right that, if these kids don’t have that type of medium to use and stuff, that I give it back so they can use it.

“It will be good to see their faces again and let them know I’m not going to just come around one time and leave.”