I would love to see this!  Battle for DC?!  Robert Griffin III is a beast on the field, but can he hoop?!  RG3 challenged President Obama, a known basketball fanatic, to one-on-one basketball game.  Obama responded to Griffin’s challenge, check out what he said..


Via   at YahooNews:

YN: What did you and President Obama talk about when you met him?

RG3: I met him at the National Prayer Breakfast after I won the Heisman. He just talked about how good of a player I was and I challenged him to game of basketball. He said he wouldn’t play me but I could play on his team.

YN: Do you think Obama will ever change his mind and play against you?

RG3: I don’t think he’ll ever play against me. We’ll have it me and him versus [All American Baylor senior] Brittney Griner and Mrs. Obama.


-I’m still gonna hope that Obama changes his mind, cause this would be fun to watch!


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