It was just last week that Jim Alling, COO of T-Mobile, was hosing Apple for their device cost. Claiming the cost is too high, but if things worked out they would love to carry the device. Well it looks like his words may have had some weight to them. Check out after the jump…

Tat Wza

Thursday night, Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 unlocked on its website started 9pm CST. Looks like T-Mobile customers have something to look forward to this holiday season. Start saving.. prices are set to break the bank! x_x

It makes sense. The carrier recently beefed up its iPhone-compatible high-speed HSPA+ network in 10 metropolitan areas, allowing some of the 1.5 million T-Mobile customers already using unlocked iPhones to enjoy something better than GSM download speeds.

Moreover, not selling the iPhone has been costing T-Mobile customers. “We recognize that it has been a point of churn for us,” Alling said last week.

Merrill Lynch’s Craig points out that cutting a deal with the fourth largest U.S. carrier would give Apple access to 98% of the U.S. post-paid market and 75% of the country’s total mobile subscribers.