So Microsoft is celebrating their awesome month of sales.  They said they sold over 40 million Windows liences in that time, and Microsoft is claiming that they are doing better than last years numbers. Sounds good right? The problem is nobody knows what last years numbers were. Microsoft maybe pulling a April fools joke in November.

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Already this week, we’ve had Amazon make its usual statement of how its latest Kindle is nearly double another figure they won’t tell you. Now Microsoft is joining in.

At the company’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday, CEO Steve Ballmer said that Windows Phone sales are four times what they were a year ago. But, he didn’t attach a figure or a specific time period, so just how many phones Microsoft is selling remains something for analysts to merely guess at.

The number could well be good news for Microsoft. While last year’s sales were pretty dismal, they weren’t insignificant, and certainly growing fourfold is the kind of thing Microsoft needs to do if it hopes to become a serious player in the smartphone market.