GRIMEY!! That is pretty much all I can say about this situation. Morgan State University football coach Donald Hill-Eley has been the coach there for 10 years. You would think if they were going to fire him they would give him the respect to do it face to face or at least give him a heads up. Nope! Not this school.The coach actually found out about the whole plan to fire him and replace him when he was ACCIDENTALLY sent an email that was meant for other school administrators. The email actually detailed the entire plan to replace the coach.

The crazy thing is this happened a couple days ago, and the president of the school has still not said anything to the coach about the email or the plan to fire him. This is a prime reason in sports of why players and coaches don’t trust management, or in this case, don’t trust the school officials. Check after the jump for more on the story.

According to the BaltimoreSun
“I don’t know what’s going on,” Hill-Eley said when reached today on his cell phone. A university spokesman said he had no immediate comment about Hill-Eley’s status.

The coach said he has faced greater expectations to win since David Wilson became the university’s president two years ago but said he has not received the bump in resources he would need to achieve that goal. He said four assistant coaches, for example, don’t receive health benefits from the university.

“He said the expectations had changed,” Hill-Eley said, recalling a conversation with Wilson. “But the input didn’t change, so how do you expect things to change on Saturday?”

The school is not exactly a football powerhouse, but with limited resources and not much help from the administration, not sure what the school was expecting.