I remember being a broke college freshman, and I may or may not remember having to steal groceries time to time during my freshman year, but I will never understand why so many Division 1 athletes with scholarships jeopardize their future with one small stupid decision. 4 players from the Hofstra University mens basketball team have been charged with burglary. The charges include a string of burglaries on campus from student dorm rooms. The players stole cash, computers, and other electronics.

In a twist to the story, earlier in the season, the coach of the team reported having some electronics stolen from the athletic office area. Police are now investigating if these same players were responsible for that theft as well. I do not want to judge anyone, maybe these players financial situation was so dire they thought they needed to do these burglaries, or maybe they are just immature kids, but either way they may have ruined their basketball futures for really nothing. All 4 players are suspended indefinitely and will most likely wind up being kicked out of school if they are found guilty. Click the image above for the mugshots of the players, and read the full story after the jump.

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