There has been quite a bit of controversy lately surrounding San Francisco 49ers new quarterback Colin Kaepernick. But those issues are what you would expect when a team decides to start a different quarterback on a team that was already winning. What is not expected is that somehow Kaepernick’s tattoos have become the center of attention today.

This is really nonsense that this is even news. Some idiotic reporter who I am sure wanted to accomplish a goal of maybe getting his own personal agenda on front street decided to make a story that basically degraded Kaepernick because he has alot of tattoos. Last time I checked this was the NFL, and not a wall street job where a shirt and tie are the norm. As if he is the first or the last player who will be covered in ink. The reporter went on to say a quarterback is basically the CEO of a team and should not look as if he just got paroled. What a joke. Some people will write anything for attention. Click the link after the jump for more, and click the pic above to see his full artwork

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